The main feature of Azma Finance - it is easy to work without an accountant. Azma will simplify your business and take care of reporting and taxes.
Uncomplicated reporting and taxes
Azma automatically fills out reports for sole proprietorships and employees - send them over the internet with an electronic signature. The service correctly calculates taxes and creates payments.
Documents, transactions and payments
Create documents using ready-made templates and transmit them electronically via electronic document management.

Employees and personnel records

Specify the salary and personal data of employees - Azma will automatically and without errors calculate taxes and contributions, prepare payments and HR documents.
Join Azma on 1-2-3
  • Choose a suitable tariff
    Get acquainted with the tariff range and choose the most suitable one for your business, the tariffs can be found here and in the chatbot.
  • Go to the chatbot
    Go to our Telegram chatbot, register and fill out all the necessary forms to make the system work for you
  • Get to work!
    As soon as you register and add the necessary data, the work starts automatically and you will receive reports every month in due time!