Career with Azma Finance

Creating the future of finance together
Who we are
At Azma Finance, we are committed to transforming the world of financial management for small and medium enterprises. Our mission is to provide innovative, convenient and affordable accounting solutions, making them accessible to entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan and beyond.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and create the best experience for our clients, utilizing cutting edge technology and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within our team.
Benefits and advantages
  • Salary and Bonuses
    We offer attractive remuneration terms and bonuses for outstanding performance.
  • Flexible Work Schedule
    Ability to work from home or office for work/life balance.
  • Professional Development
    Learning and skills development opportunities including conferences, trainings and online courses.
  • Corporate Culture
    Regular corporate events and activities for team building.
  • Health and Well-Being
    Programs to support employee health and well-being.
  • Bonuses for attracting clients
    Incentivize the team to attract new talent and business opportunities for the company.
Who are we - Azma's people?
  • I am Anisa Rakhmatova, a marketing and SMM manager at Azma Finance. My responsibilities include managing social media, supervising copywriters and designers, and developing partnership and media strategies. With a degree in Applied Mathematics and Intelligent Technologies, I have contributed to the success of brands such as Uzcard and Uzkassa and have proven my ability to successfully promote high-budget products on social networks.
    Anisa Rakhmatova
    Marketing expert
  • I am Rustambek Tulyaganov, an executive assistant and sales manager. My experience in the areas of CSS, events, Excel, HTML, Notion and sales, as well as analytical thinking, programming, communication and organizational design skills, allow me to make a meaningful contribution to the company. I am currently continuing my education at WIUT after studying at ALWIUT.
    I am passionate about soccer, food, work, thinking, partying and fashion. I am motivated and open to new challenges and strive for continuous development.
    Rustambek Tulyaganov
    Sales Manager
  • I am Ksenia Mazanova, Chief Financial Officer of Azma Finance. My experience in finance allows me to actively participate in the development of the company's financial strategy, creating innovative solutions for small businesses. I strive to integrate technology into finance, which reflects my progressive approach.
    My passion for cultural travel enriches my leadership at Azma Finance, bringing a deep understanding and unique perspective to our work.
    Ksenia Mazanova
    Chief Accountant
  • I'm Asad, Customer Care Manager at Azma Finance.
    My path to this position has not been an easy one. This is my second time working in this role, but this is my 15th job overall.
    I have experience in different areas - finance, business development and design. So communicating with people is not a problem for me.
    A few facts about me:
    1. I know what I'm going to do and when I'm going to start my day.
    2. I prefer to build professional relationships rather than personal or friendships.
    3. I sleep less than 5 hours a day and even the impact of my sleep schedule on the quality of my work doesn't stop me.
    Asadbek Kambarov
    Customer care department
At Azma Finance, we appreciate
Our values are the foundation of everything we do
Innovation and creativity
We encourage innovative ideas and creative problem solving.
Teamwork and cooperation
We believe in the power of teamwork and strive for open communication and collaboration.
Responsibility and honesty
We make responsible decisions and act with transparency and integrity.
Continuous learning and development
Support the personal and professional growth of our employees.
Customer orientation
Committed to the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.
Open vacancies
Open vacancy
Sales Manager
Azma Finance is looking for a talented Sales Manager to help us expand our client base and take our offering to the next level. We offer the opportunity to work with warm leads generated through targeted and contextual advertising.
The position is closed
Azma Finance invites an experienced Accountant to join our dynamic and growing team. Your role will be to ensure the accuracy of financial transactions and support our company's strategic goals. This position involves working with a variety of financial flows and offers the opportunity to influence the development and optimization of accounting processes. We are looking for a professional who is ready for new challenges and wants to contribute to the success of our business.
Interview at Azma Finance
Each role requires a different approach to interviewing, but below is an overview of the most standard process. Our HR Director will provide a more detailed overview at stage one.
This call will last around 15-30 minutes and will usually be a video call, but can be offline. The aim is to get to know each other better, assess the fit of the role with your skills and vice versa, and agree basic details such as availability and salary expectations.
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