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Online bookkeeping for small businesses in Uzbekistan
Automated accounting service for entrepreneurs.
We'll make a report, calculate all taxes and submit everything to the tax office for you.
Simple automated service for managers without knowledge of accounting
Automatic data exchange with banks, CRM systems and other services
Proprietary software, your data are protected by a special protocol, like the largest banks
Accounting "in one box": taxes, accounting, human resources, trade and financial management

Bookkeeping without an accountant

Prepare all kinds of reports
Income statement, personal income tax report, retirement account report.
Everything will be ready on time!
Will calculate taxes taking into account benefits
You no longer have to think about what tax to pay and what not to pay, and why. Azma will calculate all taxes by itself, and even taking into account the benefits.
Will help compose any document
Choose the appropriate document template, edit it in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and send it to your contractors. Contracts, invoices, delivery notes and more.
Electronic Document Management (EDM)
Sending all documents to your counterparties in seconds. No paper, no couriers.
Checking counterparties
Search all information about your counterparties in real time. By TIN or company name.
Online consultations on all issues related to accounting
Ask questions of any complexity to our experts in the online chat, we will help you to solve your problems.

Who we work with

Up to 95 million UZS
turnover per year
Middle business
Up to 450 million UZS
turnover per year
Fast-growing entrepreneurs
Up to 950 million UZS turnover per year

Who we work with

We focus on several types of entrepreneurs
IT entrepreneurs
As an IT entrepreneur, you thrive on innovation and technology, but managing your finances may not be your expertise. Our platform is designed specifically for tech-savvy individuals like you, offering a seamless integration with your existing tools and systems. We simplify your accounting processes, including managing customer billing and calculating taxes. With our solution, you can stay focused on driving your tech business forward while ensuring your financials are in order.
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E-commerce Business Owners and Marketplace Sellers
Running an e-commerce business or selling on online marketplaces comes with unique accounting challenges. Our platform is designed to simplify financial management and tax compliance. With our automated features, you can easily reconcile transactions, generate tax reports and ensure accurate tax calculations. Focus on growing your online business while we take care of your accounting needs.
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Marketing Agencies
Marketing agencies are known for their creativity, but managing finances can be a daunting task. We understand the unique needs of marketing agencies, such as project-based billing and expense tracking across multiple campaigns. Our platform provides a comprehensive solution to streamline your agency's financial operations, ensuring accurate billing, expense management and accurate month-end tax calculations. Let us handle the numbers while you focus on delivering exceptional marketing results to your clients.
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Consulting Agencies
Consulting agencies thrive on providing expert advice, but managing the financial aspects of your business can be time-consuming. Our platform is designed to meet the needs of consulting agencies like yours, with features that simplify project tracking, time billing and expense management. With our solution, you can easily count your taxes, prepare reports and ensure accurate billing. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time delivering valuable consulting services.
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Service Business Owners
Are you a service business owner struggling to manage your accounting and bookkeeping tasks? We understand the challenges you face in juggling client projects and financial responsibilities. Our platform offers a convenient solution that automates accounting processes, simplifies invoice generation and provides accurate tax reports. With our help, you can focus on delivering exceptional services to your clients while leaving the numbers to us.
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More reliable and convenient than all alternatives
Why Azma Finance?
  • Smart and automated program
    We have automated all accounting processes related to individual entrepreneurs, LLC & private enterprises without VAT: preparation and submission of statements, calculation of taxes and timely payment to the tax authorities.
  • Additional verification of all data from a professional accountant
    "Algorithm" is never wrong and even so, all your documents and reports will be checked by a professional with 20 years of experience.
  • No trouble at all
    A guarantee of 100% correct reporting and payment of taxes. The combination of a professional accountant and software ensures that you are always on top of your accounting and compliance tasks. We'll calculate taxes, file all reports, and get everything done by the legal deadline.
We'll teach and advise
We tell entrepreneurs how to do accounting, pass inspections, talk to tax officials, draw up contracts and manage employees.
In chat, in messengers, by Email and phone. No abstruse terms or snobbery.
Set up
We will connect accounting with banks, online cash registers, CRM and other services for businesses.
Join Azma on 1-2-3
  • Choose a suitable tariff
    Get acquainted with the tariff range and choose the most suitable one for your business, the tariffs can be found here and in the chatbot.
  • Go to the chatbot
    Go to our Telegram chatbot, register and fill out all the necessary forms to make the system work for you
  • Get to work!
    As soon as you register and add the necessary data, the work starts automatically and you will receive reports every month in due time!
If you still have questions, contact us on Telegram
Or write your question below, fill out the form and we'll get back to you
Choose any convenient way to contact you (Phone, Telegram/WhatsApp, Email)
Very soon Azma will be able to help you with:
Electronic document management
Ability to exchange and sign electronic invoices, contracts and other documents.
Work with all your current accounts in different banks.
All the amenities of Azma Finance, will be available on your work computer.
Easy-to-use desktop version
Very soon Azma will be able to help you with:
All the amenities of Azma Finance, will be available on your work computer.
Easy-to-use desktop version
Electronic document management
Ability to exchange and sign electronic invoices, contracts and other documents.
Work with all your current accounts in different banks.

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